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At Nixa Global Sdn Bhd, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re a student seeking guidance on your educational journey or aninstitution looking to collaborate, we’re here to help. Explore our range of services below

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Student Visa Services

Application guidance for local and international students. Visa counseling and assistance. EMGS key-in services. Post-arrival medical services


Educational Consultation

Personalized counseling for students seeking educational opportunities.Guidance on program selection, application processes.


Air Ticket Booking and Accommodation Arrangements

Assistance with booking flights to Malaysia for international students. Accommodation arrangements, including dormitories .


Dependent Pass Guidance

Support for students seeking dependent passes for family members.Guidance on documentation requirements and application procedures


Bank Account Opening Assistance

Assistance with opening a bank account for international students.Guidance on required documents and procedures. Liaison with local banks to facilitate the process.


Educational Events and Seminars

Organization of educational events, seminars, and conferences.Guest speaker arrangements and event management services.

About Our Services

At NixaGlobal, we offer comprehensive consultation services to students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad. Our experienced consultants provide personalized guidance tailored to your academic background, career goals, and preferences. Whether you’re seeking advice on choosing the right university, navigating the application process, or securing financial aid, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. With NixaGlobal, you can embark on your educational journey with confidence and clarity.